Reclusa/Degenerate Slug – In the Throes of Seclusion/Degenerate Slug (C60, NoVisible Scars)

Industrial, Music, Noise, Noisecore, Review

Like most NoVisible Scars releases, this split from doom/industrial metal artists Reclusa and Degenerate Slug comes in an over-sized plastic baggy with a two-sided cover insert and another insert with all of the track listings. The package isn’t the easiest to store, but it does have its advantages thanks to the full color insert.

Reclusa is up on side one, and hisdeep, death metal growls combine with the drum machine blasts and heavily downtuned guitars for some nasty, sludgy industrial metal in the vein of Godflesh. The tracks tend to blend together because of the similar patterning; there will be a fairly repetitive drum beat to hold the track down while Reclusa riffs over it, and the vocals add little lyrical value to the songs but they certainly add a very dark texture to them. Reclusa gets a slightly longer side, thanks to 9-minute opener “Penetrate,” but that’s alright because these tracks are rigidly depressive.

Degenerate Slug’s work is similar, although the vocals these four tracks are less deep, more shrill, and they’re more understandable than Reclusa’s.  The tracks here are also considerably less metal than Reclusa’s and more industrial; there’s an emphasis on vocals and the noise spiraling within the song rather than the drums, although they too are very structured and repetitive. Thankfully, Degenerate Slug’s songs are shorter, because the songs tend to loop and repeat a bit too much for my taste. However, “Deranged” does this form well; it’s one of the tracks on this cassette that remains the most memorable.

Both sides of this tape are suitably heavy, and anyone who likes industrial sludge or doom would do well to have this in their collection. The repetitive nature, however, might limit listens.

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