Pig Shrapnel – Bacon Worship (3″ CD-R, Baby Smasher Records)

Pig Shrapnel is a harsh noise/wall project dedicated to pigs – specifically, their deliciousness in all forms, including bacon and bacon by-products. Perhaps not a project for vegetarians, nor those who like turkey bacon as the artist specifically calls them out, Pig Shrapnel throws down some shuddering, sharp static tones for fans of harsh noise walls that shift rapidly throughout the track.

“Bacon Worship” clocks in at almost 20 minutes, and Pig Shrapnel keeps the focus of the track more or less locked despite the staccato movements of static. There’s a crunchy static layering in the forefront, along with some bass rumbles locked with another searing movement of static underneath. What drives much of the track is the sticky, pulsating warble of the front-end static, which, throughout the track, tends to change rhythmically. At times, Pig Shrapnel will drop some of the static for more bass, or will switch up the pattering of static for a new texturing. Otherwise, though, the pitch and sound remains the same, a wall locked in its own theme but constantly evolving.

The texturing is very nuanced, and Pig Shrapnel consistently delivers a solid wall of static that remains quite blotchy, with a nice amount of space or clicking within its sound. “Bacon Worship” occasionally locks into a specific sound for minutes, then moves from that groove to find another fine-tuned wall. For fans of slowly-moving walls, but Joe the Stache does come through for those who like their walls stationary.


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