Gravhund – Caffeine Overkill (3″ CD-R, Shit Music for Shit People)

Gravhund play their own affectionately termed brand of noise called shitcore, which certainly sounds appealing to the senses. The duo of Ablablablablabla and Herr Doktor have put together twelve tracks of ridiculousness, from tape loops to sound and vocal samplings to pedals and bass and any other noises that they could put together to form weird, nonsensical sound.

On Caffeine Overkill, you really don’t know what you’re going to get on each track. “Grim Blim” features a looped sample of a chipmunk laugh, played over and over with different sounds added to the mix; “Caffeine Overkill, Part 1” features a coughing sample which leads to a bit of vomiting, looped again and again with new effects filtered through it. There’s a lot of spontaneity in these tracks; that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily good, but the shitty effect of all of them certainly shines through. The thing is, Caffeine Overkill isn’t really trying to take itself seriously, and there’s a sense that Gravhund is just having fun with meshing weird samples together and seeing what people make of them. They’ll probably laugh at this review, since the essence of reviewing something that has been intentionally made shitty might seem the highest sense of irony.

Still, attempting to be serious here, there’s not really a track that stands out on this mini-disc; there are moments of fun, certainly, like on “Wauw Wauw Wauw” which features a lot of samples that sound like the onomatopoeia of the title, but no track ever distinguishes itself as something more than the sum of the entire release.

Listening to this takes a bit of sarcasm and a love of nonsensical, tasteless junk. It’s a good listen when it’s on, and it serves its purpose as a lighthearted attempt at noise, but how much you listen to it after will depend on how much shitty, pointless noise appeals to you. And I’m sure Gravhund take that as a compliment, so feel free to use it as good press.


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