Bad Algorithm – Collapse (3″ CD-R, Not On Label)

I love Bad Algorithm’s title as an allusion to harsh noise walls. To think that perhaps somewhere, sometime, someone created a bad computer algorithm that resulted in the harsh noise walls we’re hearing from Bad Algorithm would be a happy accident indeed. On this 3″ CD-R, we get two semi-long tracks of static wall from the relatively new artist, and they are some really great HNW moments.

On “Collapse”, the longer of the two tracks on this disc at 14 minutes, we get a harsh noise wall track with pared-back bass, with just a little rumble off in the background. The main event is the crunchy, airy static in the foreground, which is fuzzy and clean with a muffled sense of distortion. The tone is really nice, and the textures go very well together; I’m very glad that Bad Algorithm chose to feature the static rather than the bass, because the lines of static are very hypnotic to listen to.

“Collapse Pt. II” features a few different textures, starting with a searing wall of very dense static and low bass at the beginning of the track but quickly moving into different areas, opening up a bit with more of a noticeable crunch, punishing textures which force your ears to follow. I like how Collapse is not really about the explosion of sound, but rather the continual give and take of walls – that the more mellower soundscapes still have the ability to attract, and they can still be just as harsh on the ears.


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