GRIZ+ZLOR – Glaciating 2 (C95, Desiccated Husk)

Here is part two of GRIZ+ZLOR’s mammoth release, Glaciating. Like the other cassette, this is a release of two side-long near-45 minute walls, mostly immobile and unchanging. These are beasts, and I never realized how much GRIZ+ZLOR enjoyed the long-running noise wall until I headed over to his Bandcamp to find some very awesome walls that I’ve been listening to while working out in the hot sun.

First up on side A is a wall that didn’t strike me that much. It’s a fairly standard harsh noise wall, with a lot of crunchy static in the foreground with some thudding bass sounds in the back that ebb and flow. The bass is what one will most probably listen for, as it appears to fluctuate and rumble randomly throughout the mix, while the static tends to remain relatively consistent in its patterning. It’s certainly not a bad track, it just seems quite familiar to me and is less exciting than the second track on this cassette.

Side B’s track has a stranger sound, somewhat paired back and blurred by the static and bass rumblings. Unlike Side A, the bass on this track is what remains consistent, and it’s very thick and heavy. The static itself is strangely muffled, almost like hearing a vacuum cleaner in the distance, and there’s a subtle ambient hum to it that’s really quite appealing. It’s the stronger of the two sides for me.

But just like Glacating 1, GRIZ+ZLOR offers some uncompromising harsh noise walls, very fluid and dynamic with extra special attention paid to construction and sound meshing. It’s another 90 minutes of wall that, if you have the time and patience for them, can mesmerize.


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