Fatal Position/THC Eradicus – Split (C31, Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)

Noisecore tends to blend together – in sound, in purpose, in recording, across most bands of that nature. If you think I’m going to say that Fatal Position is different, I’m not. The duo’s sound is a mushy mess of low notes and slamming drums, a raucous tribal ritual caught in a tape recorder that fell in the mud. Still, though, to those who enjoy their grindcore a little more fucked, a little more noisy and sometimes unintelligible, Fatal Position does this well.

The two guys that make up Fatal Position play bass and drums and scream along to the noise with incoherent vocals. On the side-long “Ten Years Old,” the two celebrate ten years of being together, and by the sound of the chaos that the two make, it’s been a crazy, bipolar decade. The bass adds a really muddy low end to an already rough recording, but it’s impressive the amount of sounds and noises that bass player Kevin Maurer can make; it’s the bass that carries this recording, as the drums kind of slam along in the background with blast beats and cymbal crashes. There are multiple “songs” on this one track, and they’re strung along by bass noise – feedbacks, long sustained notes, and sludgy riffing on the bass. I loved it, even if it does sound like shit, and the aesthetic is probably not for everyone but those with the taste for noisecore will thoroughly enjoy Fatal Position’s side.

THC Eradicus is harsh noise, so along with the chaos of the noisecore is a healthy slab of raucous noise for the listeners. On “IV. Pesante (Crucifixus)”, the noisician starts out with heavy bursts of static sound, but all of this starts to meld together with some background samples: some noisy trumpet or trombone, lots of percussive blasts from electronics, some vocal samples deep within the mix, and a lot of squeaking and static muffling. There’s a psychedelic feel to it all, as if we’re on some sort of trip led only by the grasp of THC Eradicus, but all of the sounds combine together really well in a wallish way. There’s wailing, there’s piano, and everything sounds rather hellishly off-kilter, and it’s easy to get sucked into.

Another good split from Hair On My Food, a label that has been dabbling within the noisecore genres lately. I love how these splits offer up a side each of noisecore and noise, because they make pretty good bosom buddies.

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