Harsh Supplement/I Died – Split (C16, Hair On My Food Tapes & Records)

I remember once during my Myspace years I had a track from Fuck… I’m Dead on my profile. My friend thought it was a pretty hilarious band name. Maybe it’s the irony of releasing something even when you’re dead, or maybe it’s just the perfect moniker for a band that sounds like they’re in the process of dying on every recording. Either way, the name I Died certainly brings to mind those memories, and I think that the case can be made that both of the artists on this split sound as though their monikers are coming true.

Harsh Supplement is on the first side with some really lo-fi noisecore/shitgrind/I don’t know what else to label them. I love grindcore, though I can’t say I’ve ever found an outlet in noisecore, but Harsh Supplement definitely have the noise-making side down. Everything is so lo-fi that it all blends into itself: the vocalist simply yells things like a man with Tourette’s, the drums are constantly churning out double-bass patterns, and there’s so much fuzz from the guitar that it all just sounds like thuds against a wall. Yet still, the more I listened to it, the more I could pick out the actual rhythms and pitch shifts within the music, and for a nine minute song of pure chaos, it’s actually quite fun to listen to. However, it would be nice to have the guitar just a little bit more forward in the mix just to get a little more mileage out of it.

The I Died side is more straight-up harsh noise, with a sidelong track titled “Interspecies Domination”. It’s pretty clear what to expect here: lo-fi noise worship, with static scrawls of sound and cut-up tracks of differing electronic outbursts. Somewhere in there is a yowl of pitch manipulation, some light feedback and perhaps some samples or tape manipulations. Overall it’s a pretty good track that sticks with the theme for most of the piece, often adding on textures and then stripping them away to come back to the initial sound. The texturing is interesting since the recording is of fairly rough quality, and it all comes together in a muddled but thick manner.

For those who don’t enjoy the all-out shitfest of lo-fi noisecore, you might want to skip the Harsh Supplement side as its very rough, hectic, and just plain noisy; the I Died part of this split will be the side you turn to. But for those that enjoy harsh noise and noisecore, this tape has plenty of both on offer, and they make an unlikely pair that couple well together.


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