New Release: Hearse Fetish – Trash Day Beauty/Body

harsh noise wall, hearse fetish, Noise

I am currently putting together Trash Day Beauty/Body from Hearse Fetish. It’s a 45-minute solid wall in tribute to a woman that was murdered in my small town the other day. Release will be in edition of 10, so if you are interested, please email me at with indications that you would like to preorder.

I do, however, need a cover design, so if anyone would like to take a shot at putting a cover together using similar font types from previous Hearse Fetish releases, I’d love to take a look and use them. Back cover will simply be writing with track list, front cover will need to include artist name and release name Trash Day Beauty/Body. Otherwise, theme and idea need to be structured around the title but creativity is desired.

If no one cares to create a cover, I’ll make one myself within the next few days. Comes in plastic slip cover with poem insert on a double-black CD-R.

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