Die Reitenden Leichen – Rauschen & Simulation (CD-R, Order of the HNW)


Number four in the Order of the HNW series is Die Reitenden Leichen’s Rauschen & Simulation, an interesting experiment on what harsh noise walls can be when limited to bare-bones squalls of feedback and shifting static. Like other Order of the HNW releases,Rauschen & Simulation comes with standard cover artwork along with an insert documenting the artist’s standpoint and philosophies on harsh noise walls.

The album starts with “Introduktion,” a short investment of time with very sporadic crackles of static paired behind an intense, nauseatingly loud feedback squeal which lasts the entire length of the piece and more into the first bit of  “Die Simulation”. This track slowly drops the feedback, building up over its length with a fuzzy texturing of surging crackles of static and a dominant bass pattern. It’s minimalist, although the slow crackles do take on shifts over time, opening up into more intense crackles before the track resets itself and drops into the minimalist pattern two more times.

Interestingly, Die Reitenden Leichen is interested more in high-pitched sounds on this release than any sort of pedantic static wash. “Das Rauschen” features an extremely high (reaching up to dog-whistle pitch) feedback line with a slowly churning bass static background which is featured prominently throughout this longest track. Static crackles are glacially added to the mix, just ever so slightly clicking and popping like a slowly burning fire. The crackles are the best part of this track, adding just the right amount of mystery to the texture.

What surprises me about Rauschen & Simulation is the reliance on high-pitched sounds; placing them within a harsh noise wall is ironic, both asking the listener to focus on the wall and become entranced within it while also pushing them away with difficult noise. Like the juxtaposition within the walls, my attitudes toward that implementation are also mixed. The less harsh listens like “Die Simulation” work well, but the more intense feedback on “Das Rauschen” might turn some off.

“Die Implosion” picks up with the slowly evolving crackles of static, and it’s a really lo-fi recording that emphasizes the use of minimal noise to generate a wall. It’s a bit too similar to the other tracks for my taste – it uses the same sort of patterning and sounds – but it’s another good example of how Die Reitenden Leichen can masterfully craft a wall out of almost no sound, as he does on the entirety of Raushen & Simulation.

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