Alisa-Yhtye – Untitled (C46, Phage Tapes)

harsh noise, Noise, power electronics, Review

Untitled is actually an older release from noise act Alisa-Yhtye, which was originally self-released back in 2007. Phage Tapes picked up this release, putting it out on the label on a C46 with some great artwork. This tape features six tracks, three per side, of totally unrelenting harsh noise from the moniker.

The first cut features an extremely chaotic looping of noise, industrial-driven with a pulsating pattern that slowly adds new ideas and textures to the mix. Despite seeming straight-forward at first, Alisa-Yhtye expands on the concepts of harsh noise by adding an almost power electronics anger to the sound, and it results in punishing explosions of sound and surprising stop-starts that change the dynamic of the rhythm. Track two is just a white-wash of sound, really harsh grating windbursts of noise that tend to singe the ears while in the background, feedback and quick bursts of sound add undertones to the searing assault. The third track is the polar opposite, focusing on the feedback with the static underneath rather than vice versa. As it stands, these tracks are a bit too similar, and the third track is rather familiar fare for harsh noise.

Over on side B, the first untitled track falls into the same style of noise, with rhythmic walls of sound often seeming to rage just underneath the surface of the cacophony. This time, though, Alisa-Yhtye adds a roaring scream, perhaps sourced from some sort of revving engine or even vocal growls, that adds a niche to this track. The second track blends with the first, maintaining that area of revving electronics yet dropping the harsher areas of the previous track, and this cut drones more with a lower bass rumble beneath. Unfortunately, after the intensity of the the previous track, this sort of loses the momentum that Alisa-Yhtye had built, and the stagnant rumbles don’t do much for me here. But it’s made up for by a schizophrenic final track, combining elements of eclectic harsh noise twiddles and low manipulated samples for a juddering, stuttering finale.

There’s a lot to like about Untitled, and Alisa-Yhtye adds a lot of flavor to the harsh noise tracks on display on this cassette. They often fall into a rhythm, except that rhythm is very blistering with some incredibly pummeling noise that takes high-pitched electronics and throws it at the listener with full force. It’s a loud 46 minutes for the most part, and that’s what matters.


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