Griz+zlor – Glaciating 1 (C95, Desiccated Husk)

Glaciating 1 is the first part in a two-part set of harsh noise walls from Griz+zlor, who is something of a HNW superguru with the multiple lengthy releases he has released under the moniker. This is a C95, with two side-long tracks that clock in at around 47 minutes apiece. Suffice to say that these tracks are only for those who really enjoy harsh noise walls, because Glaciating 1 is a difficult listen not because of its noise but because of its sheer length. Even dedicated HNW enthusiasts might find it difficult to make it through the entirety of these two cassettes.

The tape I received from Griz+zlor only includes Glaciating 1; I know that these tracks have since been released in a box set, with each track spanning about an hour, and I can only guess that that release just has extended cuts of the same tracks featured here.

The first side of this mammoth tape features a wall with some rolling bass underneath a concise and confined strand of fuzzy, stuttering static. The bass is so pummeling that it almost threatens to overpower the static that lies atop it; the fronted static spits and sputters around it, to the point where, once the listener is deep within the wall, it’s difficult to tell what is forward movement from the wall and what is simply stationary noise. It makes for a lengthy foray into an area of grayness, where the listener is forced to continue listening to the repetition in the event that potential change has occurred. Does it? I’m still not sure.

Side B at first seems so much more pared down from the first side, with its single line of static simply channeling across the sound like so much white noise. But as the track progresses, there’s a rumbling sense of droning underneath that static, slowly pulsating its way in and out of the audio, very quietly hovering underneath the surface. Listening to that surge is captivating, hearing it wind and wend its way through the track even more hypnotizing than the first track’s subtle anti-movements. The way that this track blends the uncompromising static with the slow judders of drone is, even if not purist in its wash of unchanging sound, the best part of Glaciating 1: that these tones, though practically immobile, can still conjure up the idea that there is something beneath the surface. It is what Griz+zlor defines glaciating as, the slow reveal of hidden areas.

Though I do tend to find tracks of this magnitude slightly too long (it’s my own personal preference and lack of patience), Glaciating 1 is some serious harsh noise wall worship. It’s obvious that Griz+zlor understands texture patterning, appreciates the depth that walls can reach. And there’s even that idea of anti-movement, that being stuck in the same loop does not always mean the sound can’t pretend to change, even if it’s not. This is for wallists only, but those that put in the effort will get a lot out of this offering.



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