Marax – My Suicide Note Penned In Sound (CD-R, Sensitive Receptor)

Marax offers up one very long track on this melancholy release, aptly titled “My Suicide Note Penned In Sound.” Equal parts brooding drone soundscapes and harsh noise walls, this is an extended track of surging static, moaning whispery drones, and lengthy atmospheric dread that serves as a good soundtrack for any contemplation of ending your life.

Just as a thematic note, perhaps “suicide note” is not the right fit for a title. Suicide notes tend to be short, resigned and terse. Marax’s noise seems anything but; it holds on for an hour, fighting back and forth between static waves and wisps of electronics and bleakness. A better title that might have held up the theme could be “Contemplations of Suicide Penned In Sound”, as this release seems bent on offering up a give and take between psyche and action.

Either way, this mammoth chunk is a very engaging listen, even if it does at first seem repetitive throughout the entire length of it. Marax begins with a loop of hollow drone that continues to ebb and flow; as the track progresses, rips of static engage underneath, bubbling and spitting. The prospering of sound continues throughout the entirety, and though it feels like My Suicide Note Penned In Sound never changes, it’s actually the exact opposite; changes abound, and it takes a concerted effort of listening to notice the subtle nuances. It’s a harsh noise wall battling a drone, and any of these fans will most likely take to Marax’s combination easily. Others might find this work boring because of its slow burn, but the emphasis should be placed on really taking some time to zone into the track.

There is an expectation, however, that Suicide Note grant a release at the end, perhaps an explosion of static wall that marks the resignation of life inherent in suicide. It never comes, and it might be the only weakness of this track; it seems that Marax, at the end, allows this suicide note to continue on into oblivion rather than ending it, and it doesn’t really work with the context. The bubbling static that comes and goes indicates there will be some type of chaotic clash, and when it doesn’t come, it’s a bit disappointing for the expectant listener, but it also thematically doesn’t make sense.

Otherwise, however, this is a masterful use of two different types of noise, and it rewards the patient listener with quite dreary atmosphere. Always fluctuating, My Suicide Note Penned In Sound is the type of soundtrack you want played at a funeral for someone who lived their life with the type of morbidity Marax brings to his noise.


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