Half An Abortion – Naked Math Machinery (CD-R, Ilse)

Naked Math Machinery finds Half An Abortion experimenting with four tracks of droning harsh noise, from full-on onslaughts to sustained pieces. Half An Abortion teases with longer tracks here, giving us three tracks at about ten minutes in length and one shorter track to start things off. It’s all packaged on a great Ilse CD-R a thick insert and strangely erotic album cover (at least to me).

Naked Math Machinery is often industrially noisy, but it pairs some nice feedback and strong walls of noise together with synth arrangements and drones. Most notably, this procedure can be found on “Symbolic Drama Starves Without Follower”, which features a background synth drone sustained throughout the entire fourteen minutes as Half An Abortion riffs over top of it with various electronics and pounding junk metals. It’s the highlight of this album, with the simplicity of that recurring motif being reimagined at all times by the new noises Half An Abortion subjects it to.

But the entire album is full of these moments; the quick bashing from “Coughing Sibling Chairs” or the teased and tortured sounds of looped feedback screeches on “During the Swim”. Half An Abortion has a tendency to start out relatively quiet and wax harsh on the listener, and it’s often a catastrophe of sound that he creates. They’re all subtly moving while still remaining in the same hemisphere, and it’s a rewarding listen to hear that movement of each track. Whereas some harsh noise tends to end up in a completely different area from where it started, each of the tracks on Naked Math Machinery feel self-contained and individual.

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