Violent Pink – Propaganda of the Deed (CD-R, Ilse)

Violent Pink is a power electronics act from Tyler Keen; the project has about five releases right now, and on Propaganda of the Dead Violent Pink gets a little help from labelmate Half An Abortion. This CD-R, which looks professional as always from the great Ilse record label, features six tracks of heavy power electronics, dedicated to the act of violence according to the quote from Bernadine Dohrn on the inside liner notes.

The CD-R begins with quick cut “Untitled”, a series of alarms and chords with vocal samples layered underneath which sound like different languages. Then, “October 19, 1977” kicks in with distant screams from Keen and a pulsating tone of synth drone thanks to Half An Abortion and some static shuffling. The beat is almost danceable in its fluctuations, but paired with the killer vocals from Keen and the sharp escalations of feedback in the second half, this track won’t be construed as a dark techno rager.

Like most power electronics, Violent Pink’s noise tends to build and punctuate once the vocals kick in. There are sudden turns to the noise where the ascent hits its climax. But the tension of these tracks, plus Propaganda of the Deed‘s reliance on harsh feedback squalls at opportune times, makes the onslaught of the vocals much more powerful. It’s certainly not a new idea, but Keen puts in some effort to craft his tracks with different tones, building noise into waves of crushing force.

To be honest, though, Propaganda of the Deed isn’t going to sway anyone who didn’t already like power electronics. The elements of that genre are all here, and they’re done fairly well, especially since Violent Pink knows how to pair very intense slabs of noise with strong screams. I don’t know what he’s saying, but it sounds angry, and the noise certainly audibly imitates that aggression – with drones as well as complete eruptions.


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