nxfxtxex – Press Play and Shuffle (3″ CD-R, Shit Music For Shit People)

nxfxtxex (Not for Trendy Ears) compiled a 99-track playlist for Press Play and Shuffle, titled them all with ridiculous or jarring themes, and then asks you to shuffle them together for 20 minutes of random glitch and junk electronics worship. Naming these tracks must have been a monolithic waste of time in itself, since the tracks rarely reach above ten seconds at a time, and most of the solo tracks are forgettable.

But as a whole, Press Play and Shuffle resembles a lot of ’90s noise; Merzbow attempted to do this same type of thing on Smegma Plays Merzbow/Merzbow Plays SmegmaJohn Wiese’s digital abominations on Magical Crystal Blah 3 feel like they could be put on shuffle, and most harsh noise itself seems like the shifts in sounds come only from a random knob tweak.

The 99 tracks on Press Play and Shuffle are exceedingly different. I don’t think that you’ll hear the same noise twice at all; some are glitchy, some have beats, some are loops, some are drones, I think there’s even a relatively normal synth on here at one point, and there are also a few tracks with vocal manipulations. Needless to say that this playlist obviously took a lot of time to compile, and it’s not some simple set of tracks all cut from the same recording. nxfxtxex has taken the time to disperse his sound, and it means a completely chaotic onslaught when you hit that shuffle button.

It’s unfortunate that the tracks don’t mesh together from end to beginning as well as I’d like them to. There’s a bit of empty space before each new track begins, and while it’s a lot to ask for to want all tracks to converge like a continuous 20 minute track, it would have been a nice touch.

Yet as it stands, Press Play and Shuffle is an entirely new beast every time. You might recognize some samples; others you won’t. It has the effect of creating a nostalgia for what you think you’ve heard, but with all of the combinations and possibilities on offer, you’ll never hear the same twenty minutes twice.


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