Jefferson Mayday Mayday – Eyjafjallajökull (C40, Space Idea Tapes)

With Jefferson Mayday Mayday’s moniker, you’d think the group would be hearkening back to Jefferson Starship, a noisy tribute band to those who “built this city.” Instead, Jefferson Mayday Mayday is full of psychedelia, and if you read their artist biographies, watch their LSD-tripping videos, or try to describe them, you’ll find that their ideas are more akin to science fiction worship and cosmic devotion than any anthemic rock band. This C40 from Space Idea Tapes is basically the psychobabble of Jefferson Mayday Mayday put into sound.

The j-card states that Eyjafjallajökull is a “virtual sound and life quest synthopolex”, and you’ll likely hear a lot of synth on this tape. Over five tracks, Jefferson Mayday Mayday shifts their focus from ethereal to dreary, from cathartic to ominous, in mere moments, and much of these songs feature warped synth tracks, organs drudging forward through looped peals of spaceship lasers. A carnival-like polka busts forth from “Rare Earth Minerals”, while opener “Behold! A Blue Moon Bearthing” drones along with dark, minimal synth work and chimes of junk materials that threaten to dissolve the earth in a miasma of color.

To say the least, Eyjafjallajökull is a mesmerizing tape full of weirdly lucid sounds, patterns and imagery that float across the soundscape. Jefferson Mayday Mayday sound tight in their compositions, hypnotically rhythmic and yet anthropomorphic. The structures are always changing, and as soon as I felt like I had Jefferson Mayday Mayday locked down as yet another group attempting to create sonically horrifying sounds, their noise shifted into something uncharacteristic. It’s all very weird, unsettling, and psychedelic – it’s also a trip worth taking.

You can hear both “Behold! A Blue Moon Bearthing” and “Black Mass Extinctzion” from this tape here, and check out the visuals Jefferson Mayday Mayday has paired with them.


One thought on “Jefferson Mayday Mayday – Eyjafjallajökull (C40, Space Idea Tapes)

  1. Saw them at Spitfest 2011. I swear I saw this one guy in Mayday Mayday at sxsw once slangin’ crypticish zines too.

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