Zombie Bite – The Curse (C10, Northern Lord)

There’s not a whole lot I know about Zombie Bite besides the fact that the artist owns and runs the hilariously named label Northern Lord, which I’d like to believe is a parody of the larger Southern Lord label. Zombie Bite’s cassette The Curse is a very short puke-green foray into harsh noise with wall leanings. At my ten minutes, this cassette is an easy pick-up, and it doesn’t take long for Zombie Bite to hit his stride. 
On side A, The Curse builds a static crackling sound, slowly crescendoing while an ear-splitting cacophony of feedback squeals fills out the track. There’s a bit of shuddering bass, and it all feels very humanly manipulated, structurally unsound and ready to break down any moment. It’s thanks to the ripple effect of the noise, the static’s tendency to penetrate every part of the track with its uneven texturing. It’s almost wall-like It’s thickness, but it’s also always slowly crumbling, and with the fluctuations comes a lot of nuances to listen for like the screams behind the noise or the way the bass dips and vibrates. Listen loud for the changes. 
Side B is equally to-the-point with a similar brand of churning static, but it’s is coupled with noises that seem played through the static rather than overtop of it. The whirs and whooshes are interrupted by jumpy percussive staid, although Zombie Bite allows subtle drones to escape the clutches of the tremors. The two tracks certainly feel connected, and side B is an extension of where the first side left off, making The Curse a nice slab of harsh noise that is varied yet connected throughout. 



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