Broken Spirit – Let Me Go (C110, Worthless Recordings)

Worthless Recordings, a newer harsh noise label that has been putting out rounds of stellar releases, features this lengthy single-sided piece from the mysterious drone project Broken Spirit. There’s little information out there about the artist, and Let Me Go is one of two releases so far. It comes packaged on a C110, with around five minutes of silence at the end of the single 50 minute track. Even the artwork is concealed, with swirls of pink and blue artwork along with a simple labeling of artist and release on the inside of the J-card.

Let Me Go is a side-long untitled track of expanding drone and slight boils of static that envelops the sound. Over the course of the track, the listener is taken along a ride of subtle tone changes, shifts in pitch and volume that creates a massive soundscape reminiscent of what a harsh noise wall can do at its best.

The drone is very nuanced, with waves of sound crashing over itself. At times, little beads of static can be heard underneath the synth-like sounds, and everything is bathed in a good amount of darkly atmospheric immensity. The climaxes are churned and expanded, and there are probably more turns and shifts in this mysterious piece than most multi-song albums.

Let Me Go is undoubtedly good drone, and the long track means that the listener will be mesmerized long into its runtime. It also means that tape will get multiple listens as the listener attempts to track the small shifts in sound, allowing those waves to wash over and over while getting sucked into the chaos of the sound. The small gripe I have is the lengthy end of the tape, with about 8 minutes or so of silence, and the single side of this cassette. I’d love to hear a full 110 minute release from Broken Spirit – I can only imagine how calmly climactic that would be.


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