Ur / D.B.P.I.T – Defenestration (CD-R, Triadic Records)

Ur is a group of guys who perform drone music, generally by themselves – one such man is Mauro from the power electronics project Shiver. But on this release they team up with D.B.P.I.T. (Der Bekannte Post Industrielle Trompeter in long-form, which you can imagine why I don’t want to write that out), a trumpeter who provides a lot of great ambiance in the form of brass whines and caterwauling.

The eerieness of Defenestration is apparent from the first track, which identifies the sounds of Ur with the droning of the depths of Hell. “Table Solaire” begins with the sustained droning of guitars, or synths, or whatever it is Ur uses to create their sounds, and the track shifts from there by adding additional instrumentation, shifting chords subtly, or implementing relatively slow rhythms.

The thing I like most about Defenestration is the feeling of progression – that this drone is somehow moving. It does so on a number of occasions, probably most notably on “Table Solaire” simply because it’s the longest but on others as well. “Fifth Shore’ Stones” features a great vibe tone with some industrial clang, along with D.B.I.T.’s trumpet sounds that always add an ethereal quality to the pieces.

And D.B.P.I.T. is certainly featured, not one of those guests that simply shows up once or twice for a collaboration and then takes off. He’s the focal point of “To Run Red Lights”; he helps build the final “Deep Sleep Dub.” The trumpet adds a lot of musicality to Defenestration; what sometimes seems like meandering drone tones is brought into perspective by trumpet runs and groans from the brass.

You can’t go wrong with the swirling masses of sound from Ur, and D. B.P.I.T. provides a new tone that seeps into the darkness of these tracks. If you’re looking for some good drone, some provoking music that blends well the October mood, Defenestration is definitely a great listen.


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