Mixturizer – Siete Patologias (CD, R.O.N.F. Records)

Manual Cubas, owner and operator of R.O.N.F. Records, has a couple of noise projects. One is Transductor, a harsh noise wall project that shared a tape with Release Helen Rytka. The other is Mixturizer, a more industrial-tinged harsh noise project. Siete Patologias (which I believe translates to something like “Seven Illnesses”?) has been in the works for three years, with bits and pieces being reworked from 2009 to 2011. The CD comes in a cardboard sleeve with original collage artwork in an insert, along with a picture disc that looks like a circular saw blade.

It’s fitting that Siete Patologias is symbolically a saw blade, because the noise on the disc is nothing short of raucous, uncomfortably harsh outputs of cutting, scraping noise. The reason I label it industrial noise is because Mixturizer’s sounds tend to resemble the workings of a sawmill grinding out bits of wood and dust until nothing is left of the base product.

While most of the seven tracks here resemble each other in structure, the sounds that make up these textured blasts of noise are all quite varied. There are a lot of layers that Mixturizer assembles and then deconstructs; often, tracks take on walls of static sound while harsh noise is twisted and produced underneath. There’s often a schizophrenic nature to it, where Mixturizer drops certain sounds in order to highlight little points of noise. This is especially apparent on the frenzied “V”, which features one of the harshest tracks on the disc.

Another punctuated track is the final “VII,” which sees Mixturizer building a crescendo of sound out of a low droning tone. Syncopated noise ebbs and flows around this drone, which continues to increase in texture and volume until a climactic finale of unending cacophony.

Siete Patologias is without a doubt a debacle of sound, a festival of harsh sounds generated together and highlighted on each of the seven tracks. It’s about an hour of this sort of glorious sonic torture, and it’s both exhausting and extremely rewarding after the disc ends.


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