Doodshoofd – Politiestaat (CD-R, Not on Label)

harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Noise, Review

(Sorry, no cover image available)

Doodshoofd appears with another release, this one titled Politiestaat which I would assume means something to do with politics. This is another harsh noise wall release, and it’s actually quite long at about an hour and twenty minutes and seven tracks. Doodshoofd provides a lot of nuances on this release, though I would argue that Politiestaat is actually a bit too long and is difficult to listen to in one sitting.

First track “Subitliteiten” (? – it’s difficult to read the writing on the back) – explodes with a fury of rippling static and bass rumbles, which is leveled by feedback streams that writhe in and out in intervals. It’s a good track, because for all of its stasis there is a level of imitated movement by the feedback. “0605” is largely left side-balanced, a technique of which I’m fairly critical. It does offset the balance of a normal wall, but it also lessens the content of the wall, effectively weakening the hold it has on the listener. Again, Doodshoofd provides a quality wall that sees curls of feedback searing over the wall as the static lessens, but I can’t help wishing that this track was more rounded in the mastering.

The same holds true for “Omertuinlijk” (?), which is mostly left-balanced but with a bit of static penetrating the right side. This is more buzzing than the previous two tracks, with a bit of juddering that comes and goes as Doodshoofd allows. With “Van Stand”, Doodshoofd returns to the equilibrium of his walls, and this is a rigid static drive that changes very rarely, instead surging with different textures of static and a bit of gurgling behind that gives a nice atmospheric quality to the track.

The final tracks are notable for their longer length, and both “Politiestaat” and “Rechten + Plichten = Vrijheid?” deliver quality walls that really don’t change much from beginning to end, although the former does include a few pitch changes and oscillations. The latter is the longest at 22 minutes, and it follows a similar pattern, but this one features a deeper bass tone, thinner static, and more noticeable, prolonged high-pitch feedback. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the release, as its pitch gives it a harsher, more headache-inducing tone.

Politiestaat is more of what I’ve come to expect from Doodshoofd – unchanging walls, large amounts of noise, and nuanced static abrasions. But the two stumbling blocks are the second and third tracks, which lessen the anger and aggression of the wall by dropping the right-side audio. Still, the other hour of this disc is definitely hypnotizing.

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