Dead Body Love – Haarslev PB30/60 (C30, Jersey Flesh)

If you don’t know what the Haarslev PB30/60 is, it’s easy to guess after viewing the large sepia photograph of slaughtered cattle on the tape’s cover and similar gloss insert. The Haarslev is essentially a massive cattle grinder, a whirling assortment of spinning metal blades that churns whole cattle into bloody pulp that’s then used to feed masses of hungry burger-eaters. I’ve watched videos, and it really does split the whole body, an assortment of organs falling out of their holding places before the entire thing is cut to ribbons in the matter of seconds.

It’s fitting that Dead Body Love takes on the premise of the Haarslev, because Haarslev PB30/60 is a churning wall of noises that often sounds like a machine chowing down bits and pieces of flesh, with a bit of harsh noise oscillations in between. Two side-long 15-minute tracks are featured on this C30, both very similar to each other in terms of overall sound and cohesion, as if they’re really just one long track of filthy wall.

Both sides are quite rumbly, with pieces of static surging behind various assortments of squeaking and machine-like patter. Side A seems a bit noisier than B, with more of an emphasis on background clanks and machinery trembles. Side B’s wall of sound often blots out some of the deviations in the wall that Dead Body Love creates, which means the listener must really tune in to hear all of the industrial clang that’s on offer. Despite an obvious allusion to the machine of the title, Dead Body Love’s tracks often seem rather distant and the sound tends to blend together into dull rumbles. There are moments of clarity, but the caterwauling of DBL’s Haarslev imitation often wears thin and becomes a lifeless drone. It is the clanking moments, the industrial complexity of chains, whirring, and grinding, that catches the attention; but there are segments that last too long without them. The blurring that occurs in the noise tends to limit what the listener hears, and so audial clarity and similar sounds can hinder the value of the extra effort Dead Body Love puts into the surge of sound.


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