“Summer Jammerz” from 905 Tapes

Mike Haley, label owner of 905 Tapes, has released four new tapes for the summer: two single artist cassettes and two double-artist ones.

Ophibre’s Psyllium Husks brings almost 40 minutes of hypnotic oscillations and metallic sounds. Zinc Hoarder’s Dusted Membrane includes Haley as part of the lineup, with a C24 of static on one side and then a backwards version of said static on side B.

Chapels and Sound Out Light split a C41 with creeping, depressive slabs of noise, and  Fun and Head Molt complete a collaboration together which ensures no two  cassettes will be the same. I’ll let Haley describe it for you, since it’s slightly  complex:

 “about to get way conceptual with you on this one. okay, so what we have here is a  collaboration between three gentlemen: breathminstrel mat rademan, z radiologist  jonny wray (the fun duo), and head molter gary stevens. on mischief night 2010  they laid down some material at cat mansion in richmond, virginia. then, each dude  fashioned the session into four unique mixes. that’s three perspectives, four jams per perspective. so 16 tracks in total, but basically one track, ya know? each manipulation takes up one side of a tape

  and no tape is the same. soif your versoin has the mixes “perspective 3,  mix 2” and “perspective 1, mix 3″, then that combo aint showing up on  any other copy of halftone mud. two tracks by the same persepective  do not show up on any tapes and every possible combination was used.  word?”

Pick them all up from 905 Tapes’ website for $6 apiece!


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