News: Yellow Crystal Star & Pregnant Spore tour dates/New NoVisible Scars releases

Starting May 25, Yellow Crystal Star and Pregnant Spore will be making a few stops on the east coast and in the midwest on their upcoming tour. Justin Marc Lloyd of Pregnant Spore will have a few new releases for sale (Merzbow, Government Alpha, Yellow Crystal Star) and Mark Billings of YCS will also have a few releases for grabs.

Here’s the full tour schedule:

“5/25/11 @ 700 social club (700 north harrison street, wilmington, de) w/ sacajaweeda, winter ritual + more tba.

5/26/11 @ jr's bar (2327 s croskey street, philadelphia, pa) w/ forget the times (mi), kouhoutek, pneumagon (featuring mark from yellow crystal star), ex by v.

5/27/11 @ amma (theammahouseATgmail for address or w/ cash slave clique. 7pm.

5/28/11 @ the golden drum (197 greene street, #g24, brooklyn, ny). w/ ka, guitars. this will be a dementia and hope trails set since it's supposed to be a quiet day. 7:30pm.

5/29/11 @ as220 (115 empire street, providence, ri) w/ mark lord, mem1. 5:30pm-experimental film adaptation of alice in wonderland. performances start after that.

5/30/11 @ yes oui see space (19 vancouver street, boston ma) 12pm.

5/30/11 @ gay gardens (10 graylock road, allston, ma) w/ ageism, vehement carress, double awake + 2 more tba.

5/31/11 @ the silent barn (915 wyckoff ave, queens, new york, ny) w/ laura ortman, opponents, brooklyn raga association. 9pm. $7.

6/1/11 @ the shop (4314 main street, pittsburgh, pa) w/ Triangle and Rhino, Waterfinder, Burnout Warcry

6/2/11 @ bela dubby (13321 madison avenue, cleveland, oh) w/ hell's bastards (skin graft + ghost pussy), rabid bat sabbath. 8:30pm-11pm. donations encouraged!

6/3/11 @ stone tavern (110 east main street, kent, oh) w/ zurvan, interstates, etc. 11pm.

6/4/11 @ enemy (1550 n milwaukee ave, 3rd floor, chicago, il)

6/5/11 @ pig slop (2700 cherokee st, st louis, mo)

6/6/11 kyle's new apartment above a comic book store (normal, il) w/ regosphere, hastas + more.

Yellow crystal star shw./pregnant spore departs:
6/8/11 @ MedXXXa (minneapolis mn) with Food Pyramid"

A couple new releases have come out from the label NoVisible Scars. Death Factory’s Chilling Impressions is a C30 featuring two 14 minute tracks dedicated to grindhouse and horror films. Described as industrial/atmospheric, and most likely as chilling as the inspiration material.

Also releasing is Flesh Coffin’s (Andreas Brandal from Jersey Flesh – look for a review of So Much Darkness on here soon) Seeing Things, another C30 of ominous and bleak atmospheric noise.

Each come in 7″ sleeves with great artwork for $6 apiece. You can pick them up at the NoVisible Scars Bigcartel. Hear samples at their Bandcamp.


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