Absence.Insolution – Delta Killing Season (CD-R, Pigdurt Productions)

Delta Killing Season‘s a full-length disc from Absence.Insolution, full of churning static walls and looped sound samples including voices and guitars. Three heavily-structured tracks make up the album, and each plays a different sort of game with the listener; they’re not just static walls, and each contains some experiment with the pattern that differs from generic soundscapes.

“Frustrate.Kill.Paranoid” is a surging mass of static and altered electronics, with sound sample loops behind the wall playing in the background as if television noise in the distance. The set-up for this wall doesn’t capture me, perhaps because its frequent fluctuations take me out of the wall’s build. It’s also difficult to make out what purpose the backgrounded samples have in the mix; they cut in and out with similar-sounding elements, but their focus is so blurred by the noise that I’m not quite sure what to make of them. Overall, it’s not a bad first track on Delta Killing Season; it’s eclecticism and crunchy textures with frequent bass pulsations keep it interesting and fluid. But the next two cuts are stronger and less derivative than this track, and “Frustrate.Kill.Paranoid” pales in comparison to them.

It is on “The Determination of Godless Men” and “An Undeniable Reason to Kill” where Delta Killing Season really picks up. The former utilizes some more sampled vocal loops and a distant, muffled sound, as though the track was being played through a great deal of water. It gives the track a distinct sound which I really liked, especially because the muffling enhances sounds that otherwise might not have been so prominent in the mix. It makes some noises ring in the ear while others lose their harshness. And then, about a third of the way through, “The Determination of Godless Men” also picks up some quiet static along with the echoes of the water, which creates a diverse juxtaposition that serves to produce a bass for the background and static for the foreground. It’s an interesting use of concepts that gives this harsh noise track a quiet tenacity.

The latter track, “An Undeniable Reason to Kill”, begins with a melodic guitar sample which at first seems like it has no HNW leanings at all, but instead, a looped sample played with the guitar track is used as a background drone while some very crumbly static plays underneath. I love the way this track utilizes odd or unorthodox samples as a base for the noise; it adds another dimension to the static, which is actually at a lower volume so the melodic samples can be heard above it all. Another interesting decision from Absence.Insolution which shows the experimental attitude of the artist while entertaining new concepts of what media to use as source. This proceeds through much of the track, with occassional higher-pitched spikes of sound and backgrounded voice samples, and they all blend together nicely with the original static sound.

This full-length from Absence.Insolution is full of great static churnings. It’s not just mammoth walls heading off into infinity; there’s an exploration of sound going on in each track, whether it’s the sampled music colluding with static or the recorded voices playing out their own cacophony in the background of the track. Delta Killing Season gives the listener a lot to focus on, and though at times the muddle of sounds can seem strange, Absence.Insolution is sure to bring them all together for an onslaught of static tension.

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