Various Artists – Music to Fuck to (3xCD, Pigdurt Productions)

Drone, harsh noise wall, Industrial, Music, Noise, Review

Ah, the noise of sex. Almost nothing can be said to be fuller in terms of noise possibilities. The transcendental qualities of the act (the pleasure, the existentialism, the sound!) make it a perfect thematic choice for exploring noise, both with found sounds and electronics. The sexual deed has been recorded and experimented with in various ways – what comes to mind first is Hecate and Aaron Funk “performing” under the moniker Nymphomatriarch – but Pigdurt Productions has topped that with a 3-CD set of hours of noise, performed as a tribute and a soundtrack to the art of fucking.

M2F2 is divided into three sections of sex – the Foreplay, the Orgasm, and the Afterglow. Each have about 16 artists (the last two have 17) who have submitted work for the compilation, and you’ll see both veterans to the field, like Vomir and Churner, and some relatively unknown names like Cowper’s Fluid and Neurotic Envelope. Interestingly enough, there’s such an abundance of artists on the set that M2F2 almost acts as a gateway to a wave of new noise artists, and trust me, there’s a lot to find over the list of 30+ people on the compilation.

Thematically, the compilation is arranged with an attention to organization. Foreplay tends to act as a lead-up to the more chaotic sounds of Orgasm, effectively replicating Foreplay’s toying and playing and then the explosion of feeling in the Orgasm. Afterglow winds down the mix with some relatively subtle or droning electronics, nothing too caustic (except maybe Ritual Stance’s wall or My Lovely Figment’s harsh noise), to end the compilation. All tracks are quite good, and they run the gamut from drone, industrial-tinged rhythmics, harsh noise walls, feedback-laden noise, and even some minimal tracks that don’t stray much from their original sound. Snog’s addition, the finale track if you will, even features some conventional music.

It’s difficult to sum up an excellent collection like this without just telling you to go out and check it out. It’s certainly worth your while to own this extensive and influential collection; there’s hours of listening and re-listening to do on a compilation like this, where each track provides its own narrative, its own artistic endeavor of exploration. This is music to fuck to, but it’s also a noise set that begs – no, requires – you to throw each disc on repeat.

Buy from Pigdurt Productions

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