Richard Ramirez – Choke On It a Little, Then Swallow (3″ CD-R, Pigdurt Productions)

Drone, harsh noise wall, Noise, Review

Some pretty explicit artwork on this release hints at the sound of Richard Ramirez’s latest work Choke On It a Little, Then Swallow: an abrasive harsh wall that holds nothing back from the listener. One track of twenty minutes is on display, marking Ramirez’s first appearance on the Pigdurt label. The disc comes on white CD-R, numbered, with blue gay porn cover art including anal fisting. Not for the kids.

The titular track is a heavy wall of sound, first starting out with a dense mass of bass and higher-pitched static with a nice static texture on the right side of the balance. Surging static cuts in and out as the track progresses; unlike some of Ramirez’s other monikers, this wall maintains a nice dynamism to it. Fairly soon that thick wall is chopped in half, as static taps out for deeper rumbles while one static layer rages on. That penetrating static gives the wall an overtly harsh feeling, a higher-end crispness that juxtaposes the deeper rumbles. A high-pitched whir plays at odds with the static; other shifts find crunch mixing with a harsh windy wash of sound.

Continual barrages of changing textures abound. There’s a repetitive nature to the theme, where deeper tones are toyed with, brought to the surface and then disrupted by the shifts. “Choke On It a Little, Then Swallow” is a track suited for those wallers who like subtle shifts; it doesn’t cater to a pure sound by any means, and the opening has little in common with any other sound throughout the release. It’s an orgiastic track showcasing the skill  Ramirez has – his ability to engineer quality walls and shift them precisely without losing that sense of depth the track started with. An excellent use of sound balance allows Ramirez to experiment with textured static, and it maintains a detailed and engaging listen for Choke On It a Little, Then Swallow.

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