Review update/schedule

I’m a bit behind on reviews, so I just wanted to detail that I will be getting to them as soon as possible, and list the items that I currently have to review in the order that I received them (approximately). If you sent review copies and don’t see yours listed here, I haven’t received it.

Sleep of Ages – Peplum
Various – Music to Fuck to (M2F2)
Richard Ramirez – Choke On It a Little, Then Swallow
Travis Johnson – Valsa
Art Schnurple – Skip the Clouds and Get to the Fucking
Absence.Insolution – Delta Killing Season
Datashock – Para Dieswärts Dull
Release Helen Rytka/Transductor – Stranglehold/E.L.F.N
Dan of Earth – Shed a Soft Mongoloid Tear
En Nihil – The Absolute
K2 – Abdominal Electricity
Kazumoto Endo & Kazuma Kubota – Switches and Knobs
Ghost – Untitled
The Sandman Wears a Mask – Untitled
The Sandman Wears a Mask – Sleep Forever
Alois Richter – Untitled
Winters in Osaka – Mutual Collapse

Digital music reviews
Joris J/Ratbag – Liar Paradox
Mazakon Tactics – Adorable Atrocities
Dead Body Collection – Dead End Whoredom
A.R.GH vs. Thanatoloop
Toxic Toys Zone – Atropine

Lots of stuff on the way – let me know if you’d like to submit review items. No longer accepting digital submissions. Too many people demanding to be reviewed instead of asking, and I’d rather take the time with hard copies anyway.


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