The Structure – I Met Someone Today (CD-R)

Like Wisteria, I Met Someone Today came to me via mysterious means through the mail, packaged in a dark folded-paper wrapper with a coffee-stained insert and a decal-ed CD-R. The Structure is Dominick Colluci, a noise artist focused on capturing the sound of his inner structure where he retreats to think about personal thoughts. I Met Someone Today is four short tracks clocking in just under 20 minutes; the cover features a dark printed pattern that, while interesting, is difficult to make out.

“Footprints in the Snow” is a short track with a droning repeated loop, and it makes a nice intro to the album. Coming in a little later in the mix is a layer of fuzz and electronic whirring that plays overtop of the looping rhythm, and I really like the simplicity of the thing. A quick entry into The Structure’s noise, not overly harsh but also layered enough to maintain attention. “I’ve Never Stopped Loving You” comes in with a nice melody of higher-pitched tones, synthy in sound while hitting some very high notes. It’s difficult to say whether the sound is meant to be more melancholy or ponderous, but a couple minutes in seems to give the answer when heavily distorted spoken word seems to indicate a more violent nature, sounding a lot like “fucked up slut.” The tracks got a nice pulse that carries the buzzing vocalizations, and the track feels a lot like a soundtrack to a moody confession. But while the vocals carry with them a sense of aggression, or abandonment, or in any case a side of emotion to the usual clinical feel of electronics, I find the distortion a bit cloying; I’d rather see the thoughts surface in straight-forward spoken word poetry, so that the listener can really feel the effects of the Structure’s ideas.

“It Will Not Feel Pain” has an eerie tone to it, an underbelly of surging rhythm while a sinister tone is laced on top. Static sputters softly, and there’s distant scraping metal in the background to add to the tension. There’s a wonderful power electronics feel, and whereas “I’ve Never Stopped Loving You” showed no restraint towards emotion, this track has all of the coldness of electronics that I earlier spoke of. And “Say My Name” rounds out the disc with looping static and deep, whispered poetry. The singular track of static allows for clarity while the vocals tell their story, and the imagery within the poem is quite captivating; for a cut that features only small changes to the already-minimal sound, “Say My Name” remains gripping, at least for its short runtime.

I Met Someone Today is very different from The Structure’s Wisteria, and it shows a lot of nuances to the projects sound. While the tracks vary greatly in their sound and ideas, the album shows good restraint while experimenting with different techniques, including power electronics, spoken word, and distorted emotion. The entity behind The Structure shines through on this release; whether they’re all the same identity found in Colluci’s structure is for him to know alone.

Check out the Structure’s Reverb Nation


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