The Electric Nature – Space Face (MP3)

The Electric Nature has made his latest release available for free download, and it stems from a triplet of releases that the artist has made available this year. Space Face is, according to the artist, a “winter chillout” of sorts, composed of droning psychedelia perfect for the winter months; and, as I write this, it’s a soundtrack to the falling snow that also melds the siren sounds of the ambulances that just scurried by.

Space Face is composed of four shorter-length tracks, completing the EP in just over 20 minutes. The title track opens with a bass-lined, rhythmic beat of distant congas, synthy riffs and a lo-fi sound. The right side of the balance is delegated to distorted bass, while the right plays off of that exotic tribal vibe, and the synths make their mark all over the place. Lots of repetitious rhythm mixed in with varying instrumentals, and the track makes great use of its 9-minute span to incorporate lots of subtle audial shifts, throwing in lots of new sounds and a transcendent riff that feels giant as it sprawls across the repeating beat.

“I Saw You in the Dead of Night” slows things down with a melancholic opening of sustained notes and a touch of distant maracas, with a pulsating, slowly approaching bass line that threatens to overturn the tone of the song. Slow-moving yet instantly likable, the track stands out with its varied instrument spotlights, and again a tribal-like rhythm plays heavily on the sultry sound. Sexy, smoky, and perfect for a night of bliss – as long as there’s a strobe light involved.

“Dreaming” is a short track of just two minutes, with a swirling, voluminous guitar tone that maintains its distance and slowly expands over the course of the track, an interlude of sorts to bridge the distance between the former track and “The Land of Nod” – though entitling “Dreaming” an interlude takes away from the hypnotic nature of the track. “The Land of Nod” kicks in quickly, encompassing a lot of the same sounds from “I Saw You..” but with a more manipulated sound. A funky bass line leads the track, with those maracas and a whirring triangle-like sound accompanying it until progress leads to soaring drones and loose guitar notes. The Electric Nature really boogies on this piece, a kick-back-grab-a-glass-of-wine-and-relax mode that ends the EP with a calming vibe that invites dozens of listens. This is stuff you can get down to, to cha-cha, or to chill – you take your pick.

Download this and more from The Electric Nature’s Bandcamp


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