I Dreamt of Her Beautiful Tentacles – No Genuine Memories (3″ CD-R, Pigdurt Productions)

I Dreamt of Her Beautiful Tentacles has an interesting name, and one that always makes me think of Japanese hentai with multiple-limbed beast rapists. But aside from that connotation, the artist offers up some nice and heavy walls with some variation along with it, and the same goes for No Genuine Memories, a twenty minute release featuring two 10 minute tracks of sound, both untitled. Release artwork features dark, minimal architecture that seems oddly digital in design, along with a gray background, perfect for the noise on the disc.

The first track starts out in the middle of the wall, with a screeching background and chaotic guitar playing being the most accessible and noticeable parts of the soundscape. There’s also a love of high feedback here, as much of the static in the background shifts into harshly-pitched wails. The guitar remains a compelling aspect of the piece, as its seemingly random notes draw attention to the sound while the riotous noise rages in the background. I think it gives the track two distinct areas of study; first, the more traditional wall, and the second, more obvious, being the guitar manipulations, because both seem to clash with the other. In a way, it reminds of Merzbow’s recent output, where noise and rhythmic, improvised musicianship tend to meld together into one track. It’s somewhat chaotic, and I think I like my walls without the guitar jamming, but it’s done well and almost demands repeated listens.

Track two is much different, and hearkens back to the more resilient ideas of wall noise. It’s nice and crunchy, but with a lot of squeaky tones in the mix along with lots of texture variations in the thick wall that keep the track moving quickly. Soft swirling tones make their appearance, adding an ethereal tone to the grimness of the other parts of the sound, and IDoHBT never fails to shift the sound, rarely sticking to the conventional methods of “set it and forget it.” I like this track for its consistency, but also for its quite intense mood, with tons of manipulations adding to the sense that the track has a foreseeable conclusion in mind.

No Genuine Memories has two very different tracks which remain rooted in wall noise, and though the second untitled cut works better than the guitar-driven opener, both are good quick and shuttling pieces of noise, never limited in their variations, and always exploring new avenues of the thick sound which I Dreamt of Her Beautiful Tentacles is known for.

Pick up from Pigdurt


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