Dim Dusk Moving Gloom & Andrew Coltrane – Trojan Force (C30, Phage Tapes)

Two powerhouses of noise unite on Trojan Force, a collaboration between Andrew Coltrane and Dim Dusk Moving Gloom for some ambient noise worship. Justin Marc Lloyd of DDMG designed the cover of the collab, which features a two-color print of pink and white with somewhat indistinguishable shapes; I can only really make out one on the right, a monstrous man with a hand reaching up to the sky, but I like the color scheme and the triangular pattern maintained across the J-card. But what’s more important is the sound, and Coltrane and DDMG deliver what might be expected of the two teaming up.

Side A features a crumbling bass rumble in the background along with some signature electronic monster moans in the background. Occasional squeals of feedback peal out in the mix as the churning maelstrom of static and bass continue to twist and warp. Off-key tones find a home within the madness of noise, and electronic yowls and emit from the ball of rumble. These sounds never really reach a harsh level, most likely because of the mix between bass and feedback – the high-pitched sounds aren’t so grating to become purely ear-splitting. There’s a fantastic movement to this track, as the background rumble sticks mainly to the same sounds while the outer manipulations writhe with standard Coltrane artistry. The track has a way of enveloping the listener in its dense sound while remaining at a distance intensity-wise.

Side  B features a really nice droning ambience, a heavy wall of distant-sounding rumbles and loops that almost sound like human voice samples that have been distorted and maimed, shifted into new components. There’s a loud consistent rumble that dominates the foreground, and those distant loops wreak havoc in the back, with occasional crescendos of electronics ripping in often. I find the background loop to be quite intoxicating, and whereas the first track on this tape moved through segments, this one contains much of the same sound throughout with some great varied textures layered on thick, and even some higher-pitched celestial tones find footing in the ruckus.

Two noise giants collaborate to form two expansive tracks that drone and flow, emitting a mellower sound while keeping a grasp on the harshness that both artists are capable of. The tape is full with the delicate balance between ambient drones and caustic barrages, making it an excellent cassette for those who like to kick back with more relaxing, somnolent noise.

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