Absence.Insolution – So You’ve Decided (3″ CD-R, Pigdurt Productions)

Absence.Insolution’s newest release features some fold-out artwork of seven simply-drawn panels of morbidity. So You’ve Decided is somewhat a tribute to committing suicide; such is as the artwork suggests, with step-by-step instructions of how to kill yourself with a razor wire noose. Gruesome and yet cartoonish, the drawings and instructions indicate a lighthearted approach to the idea while still maintaining a violent theme.

“Steel-String Laceration (Throat Mix)” screeches in with a sustained blast of high-pitched feedback, and then an absolutely crushing static fuzz along with a piercing rhythmic tone in the background cut in. There’s lots of mechanical whirs and buzzes in the background, as though a sander is running throughout the track. The static sometimes fizzles out and then cuts back in, and there’s a really powerful feeling to the wall of static as the background noises are pummeled in and out of focus. Since they’re pushed so far back in the mix, there’s an illusion that the static is taking over. Electronic blips and beeps overtake as the static cuts out, but the gusts always manage to force their way in somehow. I love how harsh and unrelenting the wall is, and it’s a relief to the ears when it finally lets up, only to surge in again. A lot of variation is featured, and there are many moments where differences in sound fully take over and change the direction of the track.

“Static Wound Dialogue” is the longer track, and begins with a static crunching and crumbles with intermittent tones underneath. More rumbling is featured on this track, and the static is much less high-pitched than on “Steel-String Laceration.” There’s also a less dynamic approach this time; although the piece still features some textural contours in the background, there’s less variation to the overall jittery wall of static. At times synth-like tones will appear in the foggy mix, coupling with the static for a very distorted rhythm, but much of the track is spent dwelling in the drone of the bassy fuzz.

Twenty minutes of churning harshness from Absence.Insolution are on So You’ve Decided, and the masochism inherent when listening to this release is a perfect compliment to the artwork’s suicidal message. If you enjoyed A.I’s work on the Vomir split (see review here), you’ll love the harsh wall exploration found here. Recommended listening.

Pick it up from Pigdurt

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