A Night to Dismember – Encounter with a Demon (MP3, Datahex Records)

Lots of static walls on this beast of a recording, with A Night to Dismember using crunchy harsh static in both conventional and more creative ways. Encounter with a Demon maintains the horror movie vibe of the title with its track names, including “Demon”, “Holy Water,” and “Hall House,” and it falls into what seems like a series of horror-themed releases that also includes Encounter with a Serpent.

“Demon” brings a full wave of static to the listener on the opener, and while the track doesn’t differ much from sounds heard on many HNW albums, it does have a pounding beat to it underneath the static, as though the titular demon is pounding down the static door. It’s a steady wave of harsh squall, and the blizzard gale of the snowy static is only broken by howls of electronics forcing their way through the wall. Ultimately, the track doubles back on itself with that demon again hammering to get in with a static beat layered atop the crushing static.

“Holy Water” cuts right in with little change to “Demon”‘s sound, so little in fact that it’s difficult to tell when the track actually begins. It’s another onslaught of static chaos, similar to “Demon” but with less bass and more higher-end static. Soon enough the track shifts to a crackly mix of sparse static accompanied by some similar shrieks of noise in the background, until all that’s left is a snowy mix of crisp, punchy static that messes with the ears. The track picks back up with those high-end hooks of shrieking electronics which ultimately rear their ugly head throughout the rest of the track. There’s a good mix here of consistent walls and dynamic fluctuations over the 7 minute runtime.

“Hall House” (a play on Hell House perhaps?) rounds out the digital release with an opening guttural growl of noise with crunchy blasts of static shooting throughout. Lightning strikes of noise abound, creating a very different atmosphere from the other tracks – less of a wall at first, with sparse bassy notes that churn in and out of the mix. It’s like jolts of electricity are consistently being released, until a harsh wall kicks in toward the end of the track to finish it off. This is my favorite track on Encounter with a Demon, one that distinguishes A Night to Dismember from any other harsh wall builder.

A nice set of three, Encounter with a Demon is full of harsh sound, gloomy and choleric in mood. Listen in the dark, with a bleak horror movie in the background.

Get it here.

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