Worry Wart – The Absolute Extermination of Life (3″ CD-R, Pigdurt Productions)

(Not me in the reflection)

A blurry graphic of flame and shadow is the cover art for this 3″ CD-R from Worry Wart, and the noise featured on the release maintains the imagery of a scorched landscape full of burning bodies and charred wreckage. Full of swirling sounds of desolation, this 15 minute CD finds Worry Wart exploring high-end feedback that contorts and writhes with the torture of nuclear obliteration, in homage to those who died at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The Absolute Extermination of Life begins with “Threat of an Atomic Age,” a track full of fuzzy alarm jolts and high-end squeals. Worry Wart captures the beginning stages of an apocalypse with a sound clip of a man stating that we live in an “apocalypse age,” and momentarily the track takes off with screeching tinny noise and feedback squalls that bring to mind towns caught in a blast wave signalling danger to a dying nation. The high feedback sometimes sounds like the loud screams of victims, piercing the night with shrill cries of terror and dread. The track is a six minute barrage of blistering shrieks and a tumult of crunchy drones that ends with an intense clash of alarms and fuzz.

This all leads into “Nuclear Aftermath (We’re Not Alright),” and if “Threat of an Atomic Age” was the first signs of the extinction of the human race, this closing track is the barren wasteland that’s left over after the smoke and debris clears from the air. Full of high-end screeches, this track is an aural assault, rarely relenting from the deafening blasts of feedback that signify the end of the world. Another track of chaotic fury, churning with malice and occasional howls of demented beings. The tracks have a similar crunch to them, yet they retain an individuality because of their bleak but differing atmospherics. This short disc from Worry Wart is definitely on the harsher end of the spectrum, a maelstrom of harsh feedback sure to leave the head reeling. Excellent for those who like their soundscapes dark and destructive.

Pick it up from Pigdurt Productions.


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