Vomir/absence.insolution – The Heart Devour (3″ CD-R, Pigdurt Productions)

Another nicely-packaged 3″ CD-R from Pigdurt Production’s latest batch of noise releases, this time featuring the HNW corruptions of Vomir and absence.insolution, the project of Pigdurt’s founder. This release comes in a mini-plastic sleeve with covevr art featuring a cloudy black and purple fog with a black heart in the middle, perfect for the oppressive onslaught of static walls featured on this release.

Vomir starts it off with an untitled 12 minute track of pure harsh walls of static. Minimal variety is the name of the game, completely erasing any semblance of a rhythm for a ritualistic static crumbling with bass rumblings in the background. At loud volumes, this track is barbaric, with minimal shifts in pitch; there are times where there seem to be movements in the static, but they never break through the impenetrable cacophony. This is 12 minutes of pure HNW bliss.

absence.insolution provides a nice shift in tone from the unchangin static of Vomir, opting for a great droning piece of quieter harsh squalls that rage on in the background while windy barrages of noise gust at the listener. These rumbles drop in and out of the mix at random intervals, but that squall remains a constant in the background throughout the 8 minutes of the track. I really dig absence.insolution’s contribution to the HNW genre; while it’s not the same sort of wall that Vomir builds with dense static, it has an unchanging, textured backdrop while the “top” layer of noise remains dynamic with fluctuations in pitch and rhythm.

The Heart Devour offers up some great harsh noise, with one longer, devastating attack from Vomir and a more restrained piece from absence.insolution. Each provides the foggy effect that the cover of the CD-R promises, and even better, the release contains both a rigid and a dynamic harsh noise wall, treating the listener to a good amount of variety. Recommended listening.

Buy it here from Pigdurt.

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