New Shapeshitter – Recycled Organs Vol. 1

Shapeshitter – Recycled Organs

Improvised (somewhat) track done live in The Cellar. Crappy quality is due to my lack of equipment, as always. 25 minutes of screeches and walls of sound, some screams (yes, I do love that effect), all done with a soundboard, one speaker, one keyboard fed through the feedback-looped soundboard. This is as per the title, because we were going to get rid of that keyboard until I found a use for it. Sorry it’s not embedded, for some reason I can’t find any uploaders who will accept 25 megabytes and embed links.

Not quite harsh noise walls, but there are wall aspects to it – purists won’t find much to love here, though, as there’s almost constant flux. Check it out and let me know what you think. This track is probably my most creative, experimental, successful, etc. Still learning.

I’m looking to rip to CD-R as an album, so I’ll need artwork. Anyone interested? Let me know. Of course, you’ll get a free copy for your hospitality.

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