Got some stuff that I’ll be working on

Well… I know I haven’t been updating here as much as I would like, but I’m pretty busy with The Moon is a Dead World and my college work.

BUT! I do have a few items that I’ll try to review when I get a chance. I’ve been on a buying spree lately from Werewolf Jerusalem, Richard Ramirez’s static noise project. I find that his noise can be both rewarding and utterly boring when listened to in the right mindsets. Most of the time, though, I find his static hypnotizing and pretty interesting, especially from a horror-fan standpoint.

So far, I’ve picked up four of WJ’s releases this year – Nang Nak (CD), The House of the Yellow Carpet (Tape), Murder Made (Tape), and The Reincarnation of Isabel (Tape). I’ve yet to listen to the last, but I would certainly like to review these soon.

I’ve also got a couple releases I’ve had for a while that I just haven’t given a proper review. Sixes’ Cursed Beast, The Cherry Point’s Black Witchery, Wether’s Y, John Wiese’s Soft Punk, and Black Dice’s Repo. That’s a lot of stuff, and I don’t know if I’ll get to all of it, but I bought them all so I have all the time in the world to write about them.

Thanks, and I am still accepting drone/noise/ambient/experimental/industrial releases for review, any format. I’ll even accept any death metal, hardcore, crust, sludge, or other extreme releases. If you’re looking to be reviewed, I’ll take it on. Thanks for reading!


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