New Shapeshitter track – Shit Shaping Live From the Cellar

Good news – I finally got up the initiative to make a new track, this time live and with a lot less drone and a LOT more noise. My equipment is pretty minimal – I had a wireless mic connected to a Peavey XR 5000 mixer, plus a Peavey XM 6 mixer for buzz, both connected to a Peavey amp. I also used an audio cable connector to hook the mic into to create some high-pitched assault.

A few things before you listen – this recording is minimal, and it’s not going to hit you over the head with a wall of noise. Instead, you’ve got some buzzing and some feedback pitches snaking through the mix, with a little bit of vocals towards the end. THIS IS LOUD AND HIGH-PITCHED. You should probably turn your volume down a bit.Think of it as a cross between Prurient’s Roman Shower and Dead Machines.

On that note, I hope it blows your ear drums out. I know mine were when I was making it. Enjoy.

Check it out!

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