Piandrone goes on and on

Got another (exciting) piece of digital catharsis here for everyone who has been checking out my one song as Shapeshitter. This is still a short experiment in drone, but there’s a bit of harsh noise feedback going on as well. This time we’ve got a recurring organ theme downtuned to utter shit-inducing lows, plus a few Slayer guitars, one of which is adjusted so much that makes that squealing sound. PLAY AT HIGH VOLUME. I hope it startles you, at least a little.

Again, these are just short demos, done on FruityLoops. I’m not trying to get “big” or “popular” or become “mainstream,” they’re for my own and hopefully others’ pleasure. If you enjoy them, why not tell me? Or if you hate them, I’d love to hear from you too. And any suggestions would be more than helpful.

Shapeshitter – Piandrone Goes On and On – 2:50

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