Experimenting with drone and noise myself

Below is a demo experiment I created using FruityLoops software. It’s mostly drone with what FL calls a Slayer guitar sound, muffled, feedback’d, and detuned all to nothing. There’s a few different guitar parts going down in there to create the fuzz, but I realize it’s not doing a hell of a whole lot besides a very reminiscent Sunn O))) song off of OO Void.

Right now I’m just messing around, not really knowing what I’m doing. At this point, it’s all digital, and I don’t really have any equipment to do this as a live recording (nor do I play guitar or know a lot about electronics), so most of my forays will be digital for right now. I’ll probably mix some more later, preferably longer and more varied than this first one. I’d love to hear something about it (tips, likes, dislikes) – Matt, got anything to add?

My moniker is temporarily Shapeshitter I guess. Thought it was clever…

Give a listen?

Shapeshitter – Drone 1 – 3:00


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