Merzbow’s 2008 releases

So, I got to thinking:

Merzbow put out a ton of releases in 2008, and I was wondering if any of you loyal readers (all 1.5) have checked out any of them.

I have heard Arijigoku, Anicca, Dolphin Sonar, Here (which seems a very bland title for Merzbow), and Eucalypse. Overall, I thought they were… well, not the best. I find that Merzbow doesn’t strike a hit with me on most of his releases, and even the ones that he does impress me with, I find that there’s only one or two tracks that I really like.

What are your feelings on the ‘bow’s new stuff? Liking it, hating it? Overwhelmed by the amount of content? I’m liking how harsh Arijigoku and Here are, although I also like the easier listenings of Dolphin Sonar sometimes.

Maybe reviews to come? Although, I find it very difficult to review Merzbow’s output.


6 thoughts on “Merzbow’s 2008 releases

  1. Keio Line, his collab with Richard Pinhas is incredible and one of my favorite cds of last year. Not too harsh and actually quite beautiful. Hope you had a good holiday season!

  2. I did not check out Keio Line.
    I’ve actually never heard any of Merzbow’s collaborations – I’m not sure why I’ve never been interested, but now that you say you liked this album, I’ll have to check it out.
    I guess I tend to like it when Merzbow does some less harsh noise, when he seems to have a direction that he’s trying to take.

    Hope you had a great season too, looking forward to your work in 2009!

  3. I agree with ryneb about the direction thing.

    His listing on Discogs makes for impressive reading. It goes on and on and on and on. He’s like the caretaker in The Shining: he’s *always* been here!…

  4. I did like Dead Leaves.

    I was thinking of signing up for his Bird series, but I don’t have the kind of money to gamble on his output. Kudos to you, though. I hope it lives up to your expectations.

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